Misslopez: Make up your eyes according to your size

Take full advantage of your eyes!. Here comes some wise and helpful piece of advice to make up your eyes depending on their size. Do not miss it!

If your eyes are small you have to take into account tips to enlarge them as naturally as possible.

  • Which colors?
    Avoid the dark tones like black, gray, brown, on the contrary, colors like gray, white, beige, pearly pastel shades, orange, light green and pink are shades that can be good for you.
  • How to apply makeup?
    Always apply the shade in terms of color harmony with the rest of your face.
  • Should use eye liner?
    It can be used, but always hit the tabs this way, together with the mascara.
  • Tips.
    You can strengthen and enlarge the eyes if we apply a small amount of shadow fading upwards, the tone, should be complementary to that we are using as principal. For example, green and dark green, sky blue and midnight blue.
    Another trick: illuminating the tears  enlarges the eyes. Simply apply a bit of a shadow pearl in the lacrimal and blend well to pick up the light at that point.

To take advantage of oversized eyes follow the following steps:

  • What kind of pencils are recommended?
    Using pencils calld khol in black, navy, dark gray or brown tones to make optimal within the eye, both at the top and bottom, thus giving the impression of being small.
  • Should use eye liner?
    The eye liner are optimal for these eyes.
  • What shadows are the best?
    The shadows of dark tones applied at the top of the eye are perfect.
  • What kind of mascara is appropriate?
    The mascara should not be used, or must be applied carefully so as not to create the opposite effect.
  • One trick expert.
    With a dark shadow to the upper lid and a pencil in your eye, we can create an effect of normal eye.

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