Princess Letizia alone in her first official trip to Germany

Princess Letizia in her first official trip outside of Spain alone!.

She flies as guest of honor at the Eva Luise Köhler III Award for Research on Rare Diseases to be held  in the German capital in response to the invitation of the German president’s wife, Eva Köhler, and her special interest and dedication to the subject.

The agenda of the Princess began with a meeting with Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit. Then Letizia will go to Bellevue presidential palace, invited by the wife of German President, where she will attend a lunch hosted by the Eva Luise Foundation and Horst Köhler, the institution responsible for such awards for research, and where she will have, a meeting with the President Horst Köhler.

Finally, the Princess will participate in the  III prize Eva Louise Köhler Research on Rare Diseases. Act that spanish language will be spoken, as the organizers have so decided, while the rest of the acts people coming will speak in English,and spanish is very popular among germans.

Suerte Letizia!

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