Help us to share the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood! Would you? I´ll tell you how soon…

Pictures by photograph Felicia Margineau and Miss Marisel make up artist from Beauty Team

One more, this time Miss Barcelona. cool! :)

Hi amigos & amigas! :) MISS LOPEZ here! It all started with an idea (MISSLOPEZ´s Blog=FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!) not long time ago…me a Spanish woman in Sweden, Stockholm, almost all by my own after a lot of hard work and a strong believe in myself and my idea. So now Miss Lopez together with my team and a lot of GIRL´s POWER wants to reach out to more readers to spread the concept FeelgoodWomanhood, therefore, we are seeking support for a marketing campaign. Miss Lopez’s goal is to inspire women entrepreneurs & wellness in a more interactive way. So cool it will be? :D

Interested? I´ll tell you how you too can help us to make this dream comes true. Would you too?

Coming soon…and forever FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD for a better humanhood together! :)

By the way, thanks to beauty team, Photograph Felicia Margineanu & Miss Marisel, Bloggers at Miss Lopez too! Coming to our event? Check it out!



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