Fashion makes you feel good!

We at Misslopez are driven from a genuine passion for fashion and style. We particularly like small and medium size fashion companies that make business without loosing their human touch: the customer is always at the centre, as an individual that needs fashion as a means to improve his everyday life.

We truly believe that fashion is not just a matter of appearance. It’s a concept that involves and influences many aspects of human life.

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself: your personality, your interests and believes. It communicates your real essence to the rest of the world and makes you feel good. Being able to express yourself makes you feel stronger, independent and happy enough to enjoy your life at the maximum.

And fashion is not only about clothes.

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of a specific aspect of our life. Something that, more than many others, needs to be extremely personal and tailored on ourselves.

That is our home.

Your home is the first thing you look at, when you wake up in the morning. You sit there with your coffee and look around. It’s a scenery your know very well. The furniture, the pattern and colours of the curtains, the bedspreads, the carpet, the sofa, the cushions . All of them must express your inner self in order for your home to be relaxing and cosy, your own private shelter.

For these reasons, you need to choose the right products. Products that make you feel like that is your home, created by you for you.

Our long-time successful experience with the Spanish company Revert allows us to consider it as one of the best company in its category.

Revert is a Spanish brand that offers any kind of textile products for your home. The focus is on quality, innovation, ecology and an excellent service to the customer.

You can have a look yourself on Revert’s website.

Here below, some of our favourites!

Feel good!


Misslopez marketing assistant

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