Vintage mania

Strips di Arflex (Cini Boeri), 1968

Vintage is a very popular word today and it seems like everybody knows what it is all about. Who hasn’t visited a vintage clothe-shop for example? Or maybe even bought a vintage garment?

Vintage is a generic term for new or second hand objects originating from a previous era and is taken from the wine terminology. A vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year and, in certain wines, the vintage characteristic can denote a particularly high quality.

Besides vintage clothes, that are extremely popular today (think about shops like Beyond Retro or Absolute Vintage for example), another category of vintage has become hot today: vintage furniture & design.

According to the architect and designer Andrea Branzi, “Vintage is somewhere between modern and antic: whatever is old, used and abandoned. I think that its great success has to do with the fact that a vintage object doesn’t have a monetary value, it needs to be discovered and is often unuseful, but, at the same time, it carries many interesting information about its previous owners.”

Designers have being involved by this vintage-mania themselves. Some of the new collections are clearly inspired to products of the past, in colors and shapes, like the “Fab28” fridge by Smeg.

The best places for vintage shopping are, without any doubts, street markets, auctions and websites.

Markets such as Camden, in London, or websites such as 1STDIBS.COM can be a good place to start your personal vintage hunting.


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