Happy birthday, Mina!

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is a trip by car with my parents.

I’m sitting on the back-seat, looking at the rural landscape moving fast behind the window. The radio is on and a warm, beautiful voice is singing. My father sings along and turns his face to me, saying “This is the most beautiful voice on Earth.”

That voice belonged to Anna Mazzini, or Mina, as everyone knows her.

Besides her excellent technical skills, Mina has always been a style icon.

More than her clothes, still quite traditional and according to her times, her gestures, her hands and her eyes showed her strong character, her modernity and revolutionary side.

Ostracised by the Italian TV  for some years, because she had a relationship and a child with a married man, in the years of the conservatism against the divorce, Mina reached her triumph in the middle of the ’60s and never lost it, even when she retired from the scenes in 1978, just at the height of her success, in the attempt of escaping tabloids and journalists and reconquering the control of her life.

Since then, she is publishing new pieces and collaborating with many famous artists, but without appearing in public.

Tomorrow, Mina will turn 70 years old. With more than 1000 pieces and more than 100 million records sold, she is one of the most famous and appreciated living icons ever existed.

Happy birthday Mina!


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