Boots: practical, versatile and…trendy!

Winter  will soon be over (or at least, we all hope!) and that means  one thing for me. I’ll spend a half day cleaning, polishing and tiding up my winter boots!

Yes, I’m one of those women who spend a great amount of their time taking care of their shoes, who wants them to be always clean and with a fresh look and gets terribly upset if someone steps on her feet, leaving a horrible muddy mark on them.

I love boots! One can combine them with different kind of clothes. The same pair of boots can look extremely posh and elegant with a nice dress or skirt or give you the right casual look if you wear them with jeans and a nice sweater.

The first feminine boots appeared in XIX century: they were high till the calf, had laces and round tip. Very, very simple!

But the real revolution started in the ’60s of the past century, when boots stopped being simple accessories and became one of the main element of the wearing apparel. Those were the years of the first miniskirts and stylists felt the need of creating boots which could reach the level of the knee. They had a zip on the side, which made them stick to the leg. They were usually black or brown, had square tip and low heels.

But, well, boots are very different nowadays!

Today’s challenge for stylists is breaking the rules and come up with more and more extravagant models.

Look at these, from Roberto Cavalli, for example:


Misslopez marketing assistant

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