Travel to a thread of light of 135 km at the most important monument built by the Romans in Britain


A love history and here comes some stories from the Romans in Britain a long time ago!.

This monument today world heritage site is  witness to the passage of the Romans in England, but from next March 13 will also be to remember this day when Hadrian’s Wall, northern border of this powerful empire, was illuminated by flames fire. The event is part of a series of events marking the 1,600 years since the end of Roman rule in Britain, and to celebrate what better way to shed light on the turrets of the wall, though in ruins, remains in very good condition some of the sections.
If you feel that day or want to travel to England, sign up on the agenda this show, because it’s once in a lifetime. Only last an hour, but  hundreds of volunteers who collaborate to transform the 135 kilometers of the wall in a real thread of light. There will be about 500 points illuminated and will be placed at a distance of about 250 meters along the entire route, from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria.

The inauguration of this event, held by the same company in charge of the celebrations of the Berlin Wall fell, will take place at dusk Segedunum Roman Fort, near Newcastle, near the North Sea. At the other end of the Wall, Carlisle, near the Irish Sea, will await the arrival of light an hour later with a torchlight parade. A film camera crew filmed the beam line from coast to coast from a helicopter and the images will be issued in the area on giant screens.

Here comes some history!. Hadrian’s Wall formed the Roman frontier in northern England for almost 300 years. It was built in the year 122 B.C. by the Roman army under Emperor Hadrian. In 1987 was added to the list of World Heritage of Unesco since 2005 is part of the joint designation ‘Roman frontiers’, which also belong to the High Germania Limes-Reti (Germany) and the Antonine Wall (United Kingdom). Today it attracts visitors from around the world, and after Stonehenge is one of the favorite places for British tourists.

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