Feelgood Womanhood today more than ever!

On May 8 is the Working Women’s Day. That is, a tribute to all the anonymous women in their daily work contributing to a better world. All those who have jobs, are housewives, caring for children, maintain their relationship and dealing with the endless needs of your environment, work and family. For you all womenl, congratulation!.

Still according to facts and statistics,

trade unions report that women continue to take between 25 and 30 percent less than men for doing equal work, and are more women in more precarious employment status.

In 2009, only four out of ten vacancies were filled by women. The 60 percent of job vacancies last year were filled by men, compared to 40 per cent for women was chosen. The trend remains the same in 2010, according to data from Michael Page International

According to recruiters, “Women have greater ease of communication, relationship skills and particular skill at languages”, Includes EP, and therefore indicate often fill jobs in areas like sales, marketing, communication or project management. Meanwhile, men are “more analytical conditions and curiosity for the more technical aspects,” so in positions related to technology.

Increasingly, women have a higher education beyond the university  although the positions are taken overwhelmingly by men.

Gender Violence, the unfinished

Women as victims of violence and there is a lot work to do.

Women and Motherhood
About eight out of ten working mothers “have very limited access or maintain their jobs or suffer a severe penalty in terms of job promotions or pay” according to a Godmother Foundation study on “Maternal Mobbing ‘which shows that the crisis has worsened by 20 percent layoffs and retirements maternity work.

We will keep working on it!

Enjoy your special day!

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