Come to a real castle in Spain!

Castillo de Peñafiel or Peñafiel Castle in Spain!. I love it!. Here comes some information.

Designed as a boat of stone crosses the Castilian plateau, the de Peñafiel is supposed to be a perfect example of so-called castle saw or rocky castles, solidly fused with the rock that supports them. Count Sancho Garcia dubbed him “the truest rock Castilla” in the eleventh century, after a solid record of defense against the Moors in the line of the Duero.

True watchtower over seven valleys, at the confluence of the rivers Duero and Duratón, its current appearance is the result of successive reforms Infante Don Juan Manuel between the thirteenth and fourteenth-Germanic Gothic style, and Don Pedro Girón, Master of the Order of Calatrava, in the fifteenth century, to whom we owe the keep, with its 34 meters high.

In addition to the Infante Don Juan Manuel, as renowned for their power and their independence from the kings as for his literary works (some of them, as the Libro del Conde Lucanor, True classics of Spanish literature), the castle had other illustrious residents, like the unfortunate Prince of Viana, Son of John II and Blanche of Navarre, who was born within its walls and whose death by poisoning, was the end of a long history of clashes between the crowns of Navarre and Aragon.

Today, as much as for its history the castle of Peñafiel is known for his condition Provincial Wine Museum, By transforming the old units of the strength in showrooms, tasting rooms, wineries and wine center dedicated exclusively to the extraordinary wines Ribera del Duero, With nearly one hundred thousand visitors annually.

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