Misslopez: smarter girlfriend, key to the perfect marriage

A team of researchers claims to what are the keys to a perfect marriage!.

The key formula for a perfect marriage is here!The Geneva School of Business believe to have found it after this study!

According to the study, there are three basic requirements To ensure a good marriage:

1 —the bride is more intelligent than the groom,

2-at least five years younger than him

3-and both share the same cultural background.

After analyzing the 1074 couples tested, aged between 19 and 75 years, the study concluded that women must be exactly 27 per cent more intelligent than her husband. It also offers other information: to marry a divorced person reduces the chance of marital happiness.

According to the study, you may increase up to 20 percent chance of enjoying a long and happy marriage.

But there’s more!: Apparently, the happiest days of a marriage are numbered. They are exactly two years, 11 months and eight days.

And about three years is the need for couples to feel really comfortable with the bad habits of the other part and have a clear future plan. During this first phase of this, marriages are often sexually active, they feel their home as their new home and still find time to enjoy romantic dinners.

Carol Richardson, head of the study, says that in those first three years, enjoys the best of times, “You do not need expensive gifts and large, but to share special moments.”

What do you think?

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