Make up in record time

Rush, endless hours of work, go running here and there …does it sound familiar, right? Life today has become, for many women, a rush. So we’ll take a few simple tricks that despite this frenetic pace, will give you a gourgeous  face.

  • Replace a regular daily treatment for a tinted moisturizer. In the same sunscreen product  hydration  and coverage, improving the appearance of the skin of a completely natural way. This is the perfect choice for skins that want to convey a youthful image and unobtrusive.
  • The translucent powder can be a good substitute for foundation. Applied with the tassel on the thick skin on, and then remove the excess with a brush. Just apply on the T zone (chin, nose and forehead) to give a matte appearance and the skin care.
  • Anyone with dark eyelashes may waive the mask  which gives a lively appearance to the eye in just seconds.
  • The rouge applies only twenty seconds. Women may choose more lazy cream formulations, Extending his fingers, or very transparent products that give life to the complexion of a completely natural way. The trick is to dip your brush in the product, blow on it to remove excess, and only then take it to the round face and broad gestures.
  • The transparent lipsstick are perfect for brightening and only a little color as to contain a low concentration of pigments can be applied even without looking in the mirror. The seemingly most striking colors (cotton candy pink, blood red, deep purple) are the most natural look, since they imitate the tone of the complexion flushed. The secret of these products is to apply with fingers, somewhat irregular, to get the effect “mouth bite.”

Feelgood Womanhood!

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