Antonella Clerici saves the Italian “Festival of Sanremo”

46 years old, a 2 year-old-kid and a partner who is 13 years younger than her. Antonella Clerici made her debut on TV in 1983, but reached the real success in 2000, when she became the anchor woman of “La prova del cuoco”, a culinary tv-program where common people have the chance to battle each other with wooden spoons, helping well-known Italian cooks preparing quick and easy recipes.

Professionalism, charisma, her smile and involving laugh have lead her to presenting the 2010 edition of the “Festival di Sanremo”, the famous Italian music competition, which had encountered some problems over the last years, losing a huge share of followers.

But it seems that Antonella rocked this year, charming her audience and saving the boat from sinking!

According to, more than 10 millions people have been watching the second episode of the Festival, reaching the 43,88% of share. The best result in many years!

Congrats Antonella!

Feelgood Womanhood!

Stefania, Miss Lopez marketing assistant

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