Madonna likes spanish model Jon Kortajarena

According to British newspaper Daily Mail the Queen of Pop may have already set their eyes on a new conquest. Another model has drawn attention to her, the gorgeous Spanish Jon Kortajarena.

The newspaper suggests that the singer was dazzled by this model, 24, in New York’s premiere of the film A single man, In which Jon is involved. Some witnesses described as “scandalous” Madonna’s flirtation with Kortajarena, that after the premiere shared dinner with the diva and a group of friends.

The same source informs that “Jon looked pretty uncomfortable. However, he felt flattered”. And continues: “She has done some research on it and you know something more about their future career plans, in an attempt to use this information for the benefit of Jon. Madonna intends to invite social event in New York.”

Anyway, next week will be held the premiere of that film in Madrid and is more than possible that the Spanish Basque model attend. Hopefully, the Spanish have better words to Madonna than her last partner, who according to a friend, do not hesitate to say that the singer is “furious and humiliated”.

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One thought on “Madonna likes spanish model Jon Kortajarena

  1. dabilen harria on said:

    Jon is basque, only basque, from BIlbao, Basque Country.
    And Basque Country is not Spain, so is not spanish,

    dabilen harriak goroldiorik ez = A rolling stone gathers no moss

    regards from Bilbao

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