Heminredning:Color therapy, news in Homedecoration

There are people who are quite skeptical of color therapy, however, if you think about the effect produced by the colors on your mood and analyze the tones used in certain places, you will notice that there is a reason.

Let’s have a look at the colors used and the effects they can have in your state, for you to choose which ones best suit you and how to combine them.

This is one of the most positive colors, da sense of optimism, cheerfulness, cleanliness.. Has much to do with nature. If you choose pastel colors will feel, moreover, peace and of relaxation.

It is the color of the passion and the strength par excellence, although it is true that can generate some anxiety, over-stimulation. So can be used but combined with other and always without abusing it.

In their different ranges gives us peace, provided it is not taken to extremes .Combined with other tones as brown will achieve a friendly atmosphere and feeling relaxation and tranquility.

Despite being a favorite for most people, it gives a sensation of cold, impersonal. Therefore, it is likely that if you choose for a bedroom. If one of your favorite colors, is better than what you choose for the accesories that will complete the decoration. Thus keep your style, but you get the sensation of warmth when combined with other shapes much more welcoming.

If you notice, the sensations that provoke unconsciously the colors are much deeper than you imagine.

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