Ricky Martin travels to help Haiti

It has been Ricky Martin the first to travel to the devastated capital, Port au Prince in Haiti to collaborate in the work of distribution of humanitarian aid and rescue. “The only words that I can think for describe what I witnessed here is a living nightmare. The images in my head now be impossible to erase ” said the Puerto Rican in a statement.

In his Twitter profile has hung a picture of him in the middle of a makeshift camp of tents made with fabrics by thousands of homeless people. From the spot destroyed by earthquake, Martin has also done a clear call: “Children and families by this disaster will need assistance for a long time to restore their lives in every sense of the word. I ask each of you to think about the future of children. What they need to survive after they are fed and received appropriate medical care is a safe and decent home. ”

The same work with the foundation Habitat for Humanity International with whom he has worked in the past and fighting for over 20 years to eradicate poverty in the country to ensure the safety of children who have lost everything. This has created a fund RMF / HFH Haiti Fund in which monetary contributions can be made via the Internet. It is used mainly to distribute aid at shelters and housing reconstruction.


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