Heminredning:The art of perfume at home

The magic of perfume  has become part of the decoration, as one of the many elements of an environment, a way to personalize each room and give warmth to the environment.

Also in this art of perfume there are little tricks. For example, an air freshener should never be used to cover another scent, such as food, since they generally do nothing but add both quite dizzying results. It is preferable to properly ventilate the room.

In addition, the resting places should be enhanced with soothing aromas. For example, in the bedroom are recommended notes of lavender or chamomile to promote relaxation, or exotic notes such as jasmine and voluptuous to highlight your sensual side. Meanwhile, in the work areas are recommended stimulating scents such as bergamot, lemon or eucalyptus.

Canteens, for its part must not perfume themselves before enjoying a meal. The aroma could tarnish or damage the culinary delight, as the food must be assessed with the five senses, including smell! And another tip: avoid perfume stays if they are going to be pregnant women or infants are more sensitive to odors.

But what choices do we have to perfume the rooms in our house?

  • The scented candlesare primarily responsible for the passion for the aromas of home, as they combine magic, perfume, light and beauty. To maximize the life of the candle, do not cut the cord and let it burn in a draft-free place, that is consumed equally.
  • The medleys put us in direct contact with nature and they even give free rein to creativity as to power them. To keep the smell, add a few drops of aromatic oil regularly more appropriate. Are recommended in winter potpourri more spicy notes, almost greedily, while the heat better marry fruity and citrus character.
  • Air fresheners are propellant spray while vaporizers spread the product through a pumping motion. From the top brands of perfumes to offer the most exclusive boutiques and home air fresheners for the notes very delicate and have nothing to do with those old air freshener that smelled so aggressively as artificial.
  • Ceramic rings form a kind of open circular channel in which you drop a few drops of aromatic oil which is left, like a crown, on any light bulb. When you turn on the light, the heat is spreading the scent gradually.
  • Perfume burners, usually made of clay, allow, with the warmth of a tea candle, aromatic oil droplets are deposited therein, shall be evaporating and mixing with the atmosphere.
  • The incense, very commonly used in the liturgy of many religions, is very fashionable in the West because of passion for oriental philosophy. It should be used sparingly and in open spaces and / or well ventilated, as otherwise may be too heady.
  • The role of cabinet is exquisitely scented to give a pleasant scent to the interior of drawers and shelves, providing freshness and enhances the feeling of cleaning clothes in them is kept.
  • The scented ironing water is living an authentic boom, Especially for linen and towels. This type of water, usually flavored with soft notes (orange, pink, lavender) is poured on the griddle, the returns in the form of vapor, providing sizing and smell once.

Enjoy your home

Feelgood Womanhood

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