Heminredning: Romantic Bedding/homedecoration

Romantic , full of sophistication bedding

Usually this type of beds and bedding are often in perfect harmony with the colonial style, where the most predominant materials are wood, stone, wrought iron and the earth tones, browns and cream in textiles that complement the design.

You should take into account the spaces: it is necessary that the ceiling of the room are very high otherwise, the feeling can be overwhelming and lose all the charm you intend to give the bedroom.

If you also like to innovate and do things with your hands, you can create an original poster simply, taking measurements of your bed, charging structure and placing a gauzy mosquito netting fabric.

Need for open spaces
To avoid breaking the consistency with the rest of the room, you should choose similar colors for curtains, duvets, pillows and, of course, the canopy.

Another idea to give a modern touch to the bedroom is to choose a color choosing between tones the same range to give more life and originality If  you are actually looking to get away completely from classicism.

In short, an original way to change the style of a room without making an excessive investment in the decor.

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