In shape again with a balanced diet 2010

After holidays, how to make our diet balanced and get in shape again?

Here comes some common mistakes that lead to a less healthy diet than it should:

· We eat more than we need
Our sedentary habits (the elevator to the car, the car to the escalator, then to the chair, phone, keyboard, computer screen … all at the fingertips) reduce to a great extent our physical activity. Upon this reduction, food we eat  should be adjusted proportionately. However, the reality is different: we eat more than needed and often have a lot of calories.

-Excess fat ·
As we say, take the recommended fat, like olive oil to prevent cardiovascular diseases and raises blood cholesterol levels. Some good tricks: degreasing the soups,separate the fatty parts of meats and fish.

· More hydrated and less sugar!
The bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetales.. , are products containing a high level of carbohydrates to provide a feeling of fullness. Not that much  sugar.

· Deficiencies in mineral elements
In particular, there are frequent shortages of iron and calcium. Iron-containing meat (especially liver) and legumes. Good to know that vitamin C  in citrus and other plants, facilitates better absorption. Calcium is provided, in particular, with all dairy foods.

· Too much alcohol
In moderate amounts, alcohol may even have beneficial health qualities, but in high doses is not only bad but also exacerbates the problem of hyper diet by providing empty calories (without important nutrients). Here the quantity makes the difference!

· Poor distribution of meals
The solution, distribute them!

Change your eating  habits for the better during the 2010 and Feelgood!

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