Homedecoration: Fight against the cold


Just at this time is more cold air into the frames under the doors. You should pay particular attention to the doors leading outside then.

Less cold, less heat
Furthermore, blocking those fissures or cracks of the doors will save money on electricity, and that spending on heating can be reduced by 15%. Install weather stripping baseboards or in the bottom of the doors is the solution to fix this problem.

The weatherstripping are elements that provide thermal and sound insulation in homes. They can be of different types and materials and their placement is very simple. Then, in a few steps we show you how to put widgets on your home :

1. The weatherstripping are usually prepared in a standard size doors. Otherwise, you cut to any size needed using a miter box and a hand saw.

2. We scored at the door fitting points with the help of the staff you’ll find the actual packaging of weatherstripping.

3. Then you have to drill holes with the drill and set firmly weatherstripping to the desired position.

4. The next step is to place the flange on the door frame. Once adjusted, we set the nail to the frame to avoid any displacement.

5. Finally, we’ll just check that the mechanism works properly installed.

In addition to the bottom of the door, you should also check out the frames as if they are too old or decayed, it is likely that the closure is not in a good condition and therefore slip through drafts.

Monitor doors and windows

Something similar can happen with the windows. The frames themselves are another point of leakage of heat from the house. It would also be necessary to install a weatherstripping. Because of the variety that we find in the market, the most suitable for door frames and window are stickers, since we’ll just cut and paste it into our measure in the unprotected area.

It is a simple and cheap way to combat cold at this time. Also, this way we can save money by reducing the temperature of the heating needed to heat our homes.

Enjoy winter in a warmy home!. Feelgood!

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