Discover the benefits of infant massage

Infant massage provides many benefits for your baby. Here you have a piece of advice:

  • Stimulates the circulatory system and central nervous system.
  • Improved psychomotor.
  • It stimulates the immune system, endocrine and respiratory systems.
  • It has a relaxing action.
  • Helps relieve constipation, cramping, gas …
  • Baby regulates sleep.
  • Improving parent-child interaction.

Please note
-Choose a room warm and quiet and also the position most comfortable for them.
-Apply a suitable product for the massage.
-Make a daily routine of massage.
-To create a proper environment, put relaxing background music and singing softly.

The massage also can be applied in different parts of your body. Takes note of these tips and always keep in mind that the movements have to be very mild.

In the face
–  Circled touch the cheeks and around his mouth.
– Give light touches on the nose.
 and his forehead from one side to another.

In the feet
– Make circular movements across the sole.
– Friction with the knuckles of his feet.
– Make a circular motion around the ankles.

– Put the baby on the bed and place your feet in your abdomen. You’ll see press.
– With the baby lying down and takes his foot with his other hand rubs his leg from ankle to groin.
– Take the baby’s leg with both hands and make gentle rotational movements.

In the belly
– Cuddle your baby from the breast to the top of the legs.
– Massage around the navel in the direction of clockwise.
– With your thumbs together in the belly of the baby, gently push sideways.

In chest
– Draw a heart with two hands from the center of the chest.
– Cross hands on “X” on the baby’s chest, alternating hands.

In the arms and hands
– Make small stretches, from shoulder to wrist.
– With both hands gently massage makes rotating from the shoulder to the wrist and hand.
– Press with your thumbs, making circles in the hand, wrist and fingers.

In the back
– First with open hands on either side of the column, then the knuckles from the shoulder- Slide your fingertips in a zig-zag across his back.
– Make it with both hands, smooth rotational movements.

Enjoy giving an infant massage!

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