Heminredning: Learn yourself about lacquering your doors!

The coating technique is one of the most difficult that exist in the art of decorative painting. Get a professional result requires not only skill and precision, but also depends on other factors as the type of glaze, lacquered surface that we want and the tools used.

A very distinguished technical 
First, it is important to consider whether the surface is new or is impaired by the passage of time. If new, apply one coat of enamel sealer for wood, repairing the defects that observes and gets the job with two layers of enamel. On the other hand, if the door is old or has some defect, you must remove them with sandpaper or strip the door before lacarlas

The coating process
The nail lacquer can be applied both by brush and roller, just depends on what we find it more easy or comfortable. That yes, we must bear in mind that the brush must be of high quality, so that no loose hairs and spoil our operation.

The following step by step I explained the most accurate and easy to varnishing a door:

  1. The first thing you should do is to remove the handle and hinges of the door. To work with greater comfort and ease is recommended to support the door on sawhorses.
  2. Then you must protect the edges of the door ribbon of road, and will not lacquered.
  3. Once done, you can now start sand the surface with a sander or a sheet of fine grain. When you’ve finished, you must remove dust from the surface with a cloth dipped in alcohol.
  4. After clearing the gate, you must give a paint multipurpose water, high grip and quick drying.
  5. When paint is dry, you can now applying the enamel coating. For the molding of the door is advisable to use the brush and the rest of the surface, the roller. Give two coats of enamel respect, yes, the drying times.
  6. Once dry the door, and can put the handle and hinges at its corresponding site.

From this very simple way, and following the steps outlined above, the decoration of the room will have a special and more harmonious environment.

Home Decoration: Do it yourself!

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