Heminredning:Tyger och tapeter för möbler,Give your furniture a new life


The past of time, the continuous wear and tear caused by the touch of clothing can break the color of the tapestry of our chairs and armchairs. This problem has a simple and very inexpensive solution: learn to upholster. Upholstered

is very useful and helpful. Many times, our chairs retain their structure or frame in perfect condition, and could continue serving much longer, but have become an object for outdated and unsightly trim broken or outdated.

A professional upholstery, available to all
Without knowing the technique of the upholstery, we often throw up or leave the furniture in the attic. And yet, just invest a little time and learning to turn

When choosing your fabric upholstery keep in mind the style you want to give the room Which sits the piece of furniture. Do not forget to also think about decorating the rest of the home, to create a harmony and that the furniture has an aesthetic sense.

The step by step, simple and fast
The next series of simple steps show you how to upholster a chair, quickly and with minimum cost:

  1. The first thing to do is r emove the seat the rest of the structure in order to work comfortably without anything bother you when making your upholstery.
  2. Then remove the staples that hold the fabric of the chair. They are in the bottom of the seat, do it with a pliers, very carefully.
  3. If the old upholstery is not broken, we will keep it to give more consistency to the new upholstery. Should be Placed seat on the new material Leaving a few inches to spare. After cutting the piece, you must hold a provisional seat with four tacks or nails. According
  4. you stretching the material, you should definitely fix the seat with new clips. Once done, you have to cut the excess material.
  5. You can place a piece of cotton cloth or plastic cover on the seat, will you auction. Staple making a small hem.
  6. To finish the work, you must Bring the seat on the Structure of the chair and screw firmly.This simple and inexpensive as a new opportunity will give your chairs and armchairs, a new life and a professional result.Wellcome back to http://www.misslopez.se 

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