Put your defenses ready now!


Put your defenses on guard against influenza A!

Dr. August Corominas offers few remedies to prevent or relieve your symptoms if infection

Once infected we can draw on some home remedies to relieve flu symptoms.


Whether against the much hyped influenza A, as against any other virus or disease that haunt us, our body defends itself through immune system a harsh natural wall, like everything else in life, we must strengthen and take care to prevent any “attack” against our health.
And it’s not as difficult as it might appear, because, as stated by Dr. August Corominas, Professor of immunology Tries i Pujol Hospital in Barcelona and a specialist in nutrition, we can use practical home remedies to help us activate our defenses. What are they? So easy, take note!

  • Fruits and vegetables: are especially recommended citrus juices, although it can take the whole piece of fruit in the form of jam or compote. Among the vegetables, garlic, onion and broccoli are actively helping to strengthen our bodies.
  • Nuts: for example, peanuts or walnuts, cereals also are great, all these foods are rich in zinc, a mineral that supports the immune system.
  • Milks fermented with lactobacilli: also known as probiotic products and their beneficial properties on the immune system have been endorsed by the World Health Organization. You can find this kind of fermented milk products in any supermarket or naturally in the kefir.


And what if it spread?

Well, first arm yourself with patience to pass the flu the best you can but knowing that bed rest and following your doctor’s recommendations, will be recovered in a week. If you want to relieve your symptoms, here are a few minor recommendations:

  • To combat the fever: apparently this new influenza A causes a sudden increase in temperature.
    -Remedy: ingested orange juice, lemon or grapefruit juice (preferably freshly squeezed) as they help fight the body heat and dehydration.
  • To relieve muscle pain: Influenza A is more virulent in this sense that the normal flu.
    -Remedy: making soothing teas (such as ginger or oregano) because they help relieve muscle tension.
  • To counteract the heat of eyes: a symptom that usually occurs as a result of fever.
    -Remedy: applied on the eyelids gauze soaked in chamomile or camomile. If this does not work as well as they would wish, resorts and ask your pharmacist for mild eye drops made from these herbs.
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